I am a self taught mixed media artist and instructor living in Virginia with my Husband and our family of fur babies. I love all things vintage and strive to use those discarded bits of artistic flotsam and jetsum in my creations. I also love finding those treasures that others can use to feather their souls and their nests so please check out my Etsy Shop as well. Thank you for stopping by.

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girl, you are so sweet <3

kathy nesi

you are so generous! that being said, i attend at AIY stamford and i love all colors, but lately am into black and white! donated and i'm sharing this info on my blog! <3

Colleen Peck

HI Lesley, I have donated, I am happy to help in this small way. I am getting this set up on my blog now.

Colleen Peck Moonfaerie Designs http://www.moonfaeriedesigns.blogspot.com/


I donated. I attend AIY in CT. my new favorite color is pink (green is now in second place).... and thanks for being the wonderful you that you are.

[email protected]

Terry Fryer

I have donated. Thank you for your participation in this! I am a Stamford attendee. My favorite color is purple.
Hope all is well with you, Tom and all the puppies : )

[email protected]

Betty Wisse

I have donated. This is such a wonderful idea. I am a Stamford attendee. My favorite color is turquoise, aqua marine or blue:-), My email address is [email protected]

Mary Hurlburt

I have donated. Thank you for your generosity and for posting this on the AIY group page otherwise I may not have known. I attend AIY in Connecticut and my favorite color is the color of beet juice.
I'm spreading the word.
Mary Hurlburt

Lexi Grenzer

Lesley, what a beautiful and incredibly generous gesture! And sooo amazing of the art community to join hands in this hardship. I've donated, and I'll spread the word too. Warmest Wishes to you friend!

Judy Hand Pitts

Leslie, all your giveaways are fantastic. I donated, my favorite color is aquamarine, and I attend Art-Is-You in Stamford.
Judy Hand Pitts
[email protected]

Patricia Kurowski

Hello Lesley!!!
I love that they put this all together and provided us with a great way to help out those who really need it.
I have donated, my favorite color is pink, I go to AIY in Stamford and would love to also be entered in your giveaway.
[email protected]
Have a wonderful day.

Abraham Kathleen

Hi Lesley! I have donated and my favorite color is green. I go to AIY in Petaluma and I think I may go to Nashville as well! Thanks for you efforts here!

[email protected]

Betty Wisse

I donated , my favorite color is turquoise and I attend AIY in Stamford. Thanks
[email protected]


Lesley, you are amazing! I donated to the relief fund and posted it on my blog too. I go to Stamford, amd my favorite color is pink. Thanks for all you do.

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