I am a self taught mixed media artist and instructor living in Virginia with my Husband and our family of fur babies. I love all things vintage and strive to use those discarded bits of artistic flotsam and jetsum in my creations. I also love finding those treasures that others can use to feather their souls and their nests so please check out my Etsy Shop as well. Thank you for stopping by.

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Folk Heart

Today's thought today took my breath away! I do, and I will. Thank you for your insight.

Sharon W

Lesley: I often reach for a pendant--fashioned by you--which I acquired two years ago at Art is You. I love it because it reminds me of you, your great classes, and the support I receive from you and Tom. Reading your post today, I realize that the necklace IS the talisman you describe. It is a thing of beauty, receives compliments when I wear it, and seems to make the day better! Lucky me.

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Leslie V

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