I am a self taught mixed media artist and instructor living in Virginia with my Husband and our family of fur babies. I love all things vintage and strive to use those discarded bits of artistic flotsam and jetsum in my creations. I also love finding those treasures that others can use to feather their souls and their nests so please check out my Etsy Shop as well. Thank you for stopping by.

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awesome post, Lesley - TOLERANCE is the key word. I try to adopt the policy, when confused by another's behavior, that "they are doing the best they can" and i need to remember that maybe something is going on that i don't know about (i like how you have called them "capes".) I agree with you, that flogging others on a blog or FB is hurtful (even done anonymously, if the person they are talking about is you, then it is going to hurt. It only incites more hurtful responses.) this is not the way that i like to conduct myself either. Granted we all can be reactive. no one is immune to that. but its always a good idea for one to take a few days and THINK something through before they proceed. THINK of the impact those words might have on another.


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