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April 19, 2011


I'm so glad you are enjoying Patti's book. All of her books are wonderful and she herself if an amazing person. This is the first book I ever had my work published in (I'm page 32 about falling down) and I'm forever grateful to Patti for the opportunity.

She has a way of saying the things we "know" but don't realize we know.

Open Doors for Others -- my story up there is one of the ways someone opened a door for me. Patti falls into the category of giver -- she's not stingy in any way.

I too want to be a door opener...of saying what I know or feel...of sharing what I know and hoping that someone out there, someone who needs to hear it or see it is watching and feeling the gift I want to give.

Beautiful post Lesley!! Here's is to being a door will have no difficulty with that -- because you are someone who wants to give back what you have received. You've got good karma!! xo

The four word book is one of my favorites, too. Since I acquired it, I have been watching for random 4word of my recent favorites is "don't water your weeds". I also like "use your good stuff." Amazing how much wisdom can be squeezed into 4 little words! Today's blog was terrific, Lesley.

This is a lovely post. It's so much better to be uplifting, and encouraging, than jealous, and negative.


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