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I am a mixed media, altered art, assemblage, collage artist who was raised in Louisiana by a mom who is a more traditional professional artist and my Dad who was our resident artist in the kitchen. My sister's creative knack came out in garden and landscape design.

I have what I call my "necessary" job that I go to on a daily basis and then I create my art work at night. My muse seems to be her busiest when I have the least amount of time to devote to her suggestions which I take to mean that when I am not creating it frustrates her to no end.

My family consists of me, my husband, a step-son who lives in Northern Virginia, 3 dogs (two golden retrievers and a mixed breed who we rescued from an abusive past) and 1 cat who thinks he owns the house.

We have been blessed in so many ways by God and I am forever thankful for the people He has sent into my life to touch my heart.


collage, gardening, assemblage, my husband, altered and mixed media artwork, having friends fill our home