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May 03, 2011


i loved seeing the projects you made with the clay and LOVE the book covers!



great ideas but especially love the journal cover idea.

I just love your bezels and resin, can't wait to start making some of my own, you are truly inspirational.

Love the bezels, and would love to win any of these awesome prizes!
Erin S

What an ingenious idea with the book covers, using clay to do that, this would never cross to my mind, I must admit that you manage to amaze me.

Beautiful work. Love your first bezel piece and your altered book cover. Just "tweeted" your blog post. This blog tour is fun!

Wonderful pieces! I especially love your bezels Lesley.

woohooo! this blog tour is SO much fun, isn't it! i just lovelovelove your apoxy creations -- the book is MAGNIFICENT! and the bezels are so very pretty. great post, lady!!

p.s. under "grand prizes" then C, there is something you will want to remove from the sentence. :)

hellooooo, lesley!

hellooooo, lesley!

I've used it for book covers too, but those bezels are a fantastic idea. I hate soldering! Wonderful stop on the tour!

Wow! What a medium! I would love to learn more and get my hands dirty, lol!

Awesome post Lesley! Everything you did looks gorgeous!!! Can't wait to hear how the retreat went. : )

This blog tour offers a rare opportunity for us to see the truly staggering variety of projects that you can do with these products! I am constantly amazed and look so forward to seeing all of the blogs involved! I also can't wait to start the projects that I have been dreaming up in my little mind!

Kerin's book is wonderful as is the clay....just amazing! Crossing my fingers for a chance to win.

Just ordered the book this morning!

After seeing your bezels, think I need to run for this book! Wonderful pieces!
Great Tour....

Checking in with you, Leslie, as part of Kerin's Blog Hop. This is really fun! Great projects with Apoxy Clay!

Great projects and very interesting blog.
Thanks a lot~

Hi Lesley! I *love* your work and the way you use Apoxy Sculpt is awesome! Your "first pieces" (the bezels) are just beautiful - and your book covers are so imaginative too!
I am so happy to meet you through Kerin's online book tour and hope to take some classes as well!
This is a great way to meet new talented artists!
Thank You for your generosity!
(I posted on my blog!)

Lesley, thanks for sharing all of this great information about Kerin's new book. I've just recently realized the beauty of Apoxy Clay. Your projects are really cool, I can say that first-hand. :-)

Lesley, your pieces with Apoxie are fantastic! I haven't tried the bezels yet but I am going to because you have inspired me. Please enter me in your drawing on your site.

I posted on my fb Day Three (and bragged about you). :-)

Boy with each day I'm getting more excited. I definitely need to find out more about this epoxy clay.. Love your work... the book covers have my mind going a mile a minute

I am a huge fan of this book and I cannot wait to get my hands on some clay. I love your bezels and would love to try and make some! They are fabulous.
I would love to win some of these most awesome prizes!!!
Shannon C

I am in Apoxy Art heaven. Lesley, your artwork is divine. Still trying to find my clay in the mess that is my art room. I know it's here somewhere!!!!

Love the book covers and esp the one with the lace binding. Wonderful book as well, find it hard to go back to what I am supposed to be doing!! Sharing on FB, so others can read your wonderful post!!! Colleen

Love it!!! Reading is a must!!

Wow Lesley! I have never heard of this and I am psyched! Thank you so much, and I will be along on the tour with you and all of the amazing artists!

I tweeted the giveaway! @4myswtdaughter

beautiful beautiful!!! i am in love with the baby charlotte necklace, it is so precious! your work with kerin's techniqies are very cool!!

I love the bezels you made. I never would have thought you could do that with the apoxy. I can't wait to get some and practice making some great new items for myself.

Hi Lesley
I love the book I made in your class. Hope to see you soon.
hugs, Susan

Sorry I am late, thanks to Karen forthe invite I cant wait to get the book a start some of these amazing projects!

Thanks, Lesley.
I really like those book covers!
And I think I could look at your blog and links for hours!
I'm gonna post the blog hop and giveaway on my facebook page right now.
Kim M.

Wow! What a fascinating medium. I've been going nuts looking for ways to make my own bezels. I'm having a blast getting inspiration from this tour. Thank you so much for sharing! Love your work!

I feel kind of like a premie...I haven't even begun to work in this medium. But I am unbelievably inspired with the work you guys are doing. Love your stuff!

Your work always amazes me and inspires me to say I can try something new. I still have the journal you made that I won years ago in a One World One Heart event!!! xo

Lesley your projects are gorgeous! I can't wait to get my hands on this book and learn more. Thanks for the great giveaways!

love seeing all the great projects, this looks to be an awesome book!

Gorgeous work. I'd love to learn more about this clay.

Loved your examples! Sue

You have me interested in this medium now. Thanks for the inspiration. I really must check out her book.
one_who_crops at hotmail dot com

WoW! love what you've done with apoxy! I can't wait to get my copy of the book!

can't wait to try making some bezels!!! looks like a lot of fun!! your work is wonderful!!

I'm going to try this apoxy clay-what fabulous projects you made with it! Great book too!

Fabulous book and prizes! I'm off to amazon to check out the book now.

Oh my. I am in love with your bezels. I see so much potential in this stuff! I am excited to get a copy of this book.
Enjoy the day!

love how everyone finds a completely different use for this medium - I will have to get the book and try a workshop!

I am in awe of your projects with the clay. The book covers are beautiful and love the bezels. ICE is a perfect combination to use with those. Thanks for the inspiration.

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