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April 14, 2011


I look forward to your daily blogs, Lesley. I know they will amuse and inspire me, but best of all they will remind me of the wonderful classes I have taken with you! Your little book class and your album class were filled with new ideas and techniques, and overflowing with your generous sharing of supplies. I always come away with a finished (or almost finished) project and a host of ideas for easier ways to achieve unique and personalized results. I'm looking forward to Art-is-You in Danbury and am sorry a family event will keep me from Art in the Rough in Maine. PS: your necklace which I purchased in Danbury last fall---I call him "Mr Steampunk"--is a constant in my wardrobe and always attracts compliments. I think you are teaching that at Art-is-You in Danbury this fall??? Best wishes to you and Tom.

Hi Lesley! I just signed up for your fliud chalks online workshop, only watched the first 2 videos so far, and I so love it! You have shown me already how to create those soft beautiful backgrounfds I have always longed for and easily! Just incrdible! I am a jewelry artist, but love doing mixed media also, and IO am looking forward to learn more from you! I love your blog, thank you!

yes, Lesley, it is a climb for some of us. it's all about promote, promote, promote; which is hard to do if you work full time, have a limited income, etc. It is my hopes that eventually us lesser known artists who work our tushies off will eventually come ahead. Isn't that the saying, "hard work pays off". in time, my friend, in time..........



Lesley, your on-line classes are amazing. So far I have taken your fluid chalks class, your "treasures within" altered tin class as well as your cuff class and your latest canvas class - Girl, I LOVE your classes!!! I am learning so very much. I cannot wait for "Art is You" in Danbury when I can take a class with you in person - I know I will come away with so much knowledge. I love your art and I love what you teach me. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talents with others!

I came back 2x today to your blog, once to read and then to listen to the music again!

In case I did not tell you (haha) I just L-O-V-E-D taking Keeper of Secrets and Dreams at A & S.

Enjoy the light of your new creating space!

Why does my post above say Aleta? So make that 3x at your blog! Kim L.

Lesley-Loved the little clay cover book class I took with you at Jean's. Although I have been creating altered books for years, it helped me to take a new approach to mixed media art and be more daring with the use of materials. There is always something new to learn from you.

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