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June 15, 2010


Oh my! This is simply a beautiful post! My goodness...such kind words and support from you Lesley...brought tears to my eyes. So sweetly written...and emotionally charged for me. I love having other artists linked up with me on my blog as a way of us all having a central location to meet up and explore. I am moved and touched by your generous post and your expression of appreciation for what I am doing. Many hugs and smiles to you for taking the time to post about me, my blog and my art...We all have a story to share...a word to encourage others and an Eye for Beautiful Art...Let us continue reaching out all over blog land for our common threads...our love for beauty and our desire to inspire!
Blessings to you...

Yay...wonderful tribute to Lovey..yes I know her blog and creative talent..she is super-magical! Beautiful spotlight on her! you have a beautiful blog as well..super gorgeous, full of beauty and spirit!
Have a magical day!

Hi Lesley!...Lovey is a beautiful artist! And how wonderful of you to extend a branch for All others to find and admire so many talented Artists such as yourself...:)Thanks for sharing!smiles your way,virginia~~

Leslie, what a lovely post and I sure did enjoy visiting Lovey's blog it is
delightful! pamela

Lesley, thanks for sharing a new-to-me artist...she sounds just wonderful and I'm looking forward to visiting her blog!

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