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February 01, 2009


Oh my goodness! I have that same piece but it's bare--bare--I say. To see what it may have looked like once upon a time is so sweet. I had filled mine in with my own fabric years ago and now haven't used it for years but recently got it out and tore out the fabric I had added. (very 80s look) Now, after seeing yours I'm not sure what I want to do with mine. I collect vintage sewing supplies and what not, but I wander if I could ever replicate that authentic feeling.
Thanks for sharing!

Lesley! That is so cool! What a great find! So glad you took a peak! :)Stephani

Ohh what great finds Lesley!!! And that sewing box is amazing!!!

All that stuff inside! Wow! I love the framed print and portrait! ~Lori

I gasped too! As a seamstress myself, you REALLY scored!!!!!!!!!! I hope you got a fair price. My husband was talking to me and I was so intensely looking at it, I didn't even hear him.
ENJOY! Linda

What an awesome find!! I'm so glad you spotted it just in time! I also love your blog header!

What a smart seamtress or handy hubby back in the day...and who wouldn't want one today!! What a cool find!

Oh my gosh! That is so awesome! I once bought a couple of mini suitcases filled with embroidery stuff... it was like a treasure box! The woman it belonged to had died back in the '70s and her kids had finally (30 yrs later) decided to go through her stuff and get rid of it. I bought a TON and loved it all!

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